Half Pint Photography | What To Wear


Start with one outfit.
Pick one outfit that you really like as your starting point. Maybe it is a beautiful dress you found for your daughter, or an adorable button down and bow tie for your son or switch it up and pick out mom’s outfit first. Then build outfits for everyone else based on that key starter outfit.

Coordinate. Don’t match.
Gone are the days of white tops and jeans for everyone. Instead, pick 2 – 3 colors in various shades and dress your family in those colors. Each person does not have to wear every color you’ve chosen, but you should all be able to look good standing near each other. See the many examples above.

Clothing collections from the same store can be helpful here if you are having trouble coordinating outfits for multiple children. Each season stores will release a couple different clothing collections that tend to focus on coordinating color families. It’s like having a personal stylist shop with you.

Also, remember to dress as if you were attending the same function. You shouldn’t have mom in a super formal dress and everyone else in casual attire. You need to look like you belong together.

Layer and accessorize.
Layers add visual interest to your photos. Think pops of color and/or texture. In the fall and winter add a blazer, cardigan, scarf or hat. In the spring and summer try a statement necklace, belt, vest or suspenders. Keep hair accessories simple – bigger is not always better!

Don’t forget your feet.
You have adorable outfits…make sure the shoes work too. Boots, sandals, Converse Allstars…all great options. If you can, avoid crocs, rubber flip flops, light-up and character sneakers. And please, no white socks with dark shoes. Barefoot is always a great option in the summer too!

Plan ahead.
Don’t leave it all to sort out the day before your session. Figure out the outfits ahead of time and make sure everything is in photo-ready shape – no wrinkles, rips, dirt or missing buttons.

Make sure the clothes fit everyone properly. Clothing should fit at the time of photos, and not be too small or something your children will grow into in a few months. If clothing is too big on your child, it will look sloppy; too small, it will look awkward.

Comfort is key.
Make sure to wear what you feel good in! This goes for both parents and children. Believe me, if kids are not comfortable in their clothing it will show in your photos.

This is very important to me as a photographer. Please don’t be afraid to show you/your family’s personality. We want to see YOU in your photos. If that means bringing along your toddler’s favorite stuffed animal to make an appearance in the photos, or letting your son wear his favorite rain boots for a couple shots, then go for it. Genuine is good. Genuine will make you love your photos even more for years to come.


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